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Name: Jessi Green

What country do you live in now? UK

How old are you? 21

How tall are you? 5’5″

School, Work, Play, Hobbies

How far did you make it in school? University – I have my degree in fashion design and management

What is your favorite subject? I loved art

Are you a good student? Not really

What activities do you enjoy in school? I loved the fashion industry. My design courses were amazing

Do you have any other jobs besides modeling? Not at the moment. I was interning with a major fashion company that I probably should not name here…

Do you play any sports? I used to play tennis quite often, but not much lately.

What was your first occupation? Student

How do you spend your free time? I design clothes for fun, and hopefully one day for a living

Dreams Ambitions Goals

What is your dream occupation? Fashion designer

What scares you? Losing one of my senses. I know that sounds odd, but I truly get scared that one day I will wake up and no longer be able to see, or hear!

What is one thing you feel you deserve? Romance

What are your plans for the future? I would like to keep modeling and trying to find a career in the fashion world

Personality / Character

Do you have many friends? Yes

How would you describe yourself? Fun, sassy, smart

What did you do for fun as a child? I used to draw my dream wedding dress! LOL

Do you have a favorite color? Champagne

What is your favorite television show? Project Catwalk

Do you have a favorite movie? The Devil Wears Prada

Who’s your favorite actor/actress? Claudia Schiffer – model, not actress I guess ;-)

What’s your favorite book? I really only read magazines

What kind of music do you like? All kinds

What is your favorite drink? Wine

Do you have a favorite food? I do love a good biscuit with jam

Life Experiences

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? New York City of course! I do love Chicago however… I went there for an overseas semester for uni.

Is there anything in your life you would like to change? I would love to have my career already lined up


Do you kiss and tell? Not really

Do you remember your first kiss? It was so long ago! LOL

What’s your favorite part of your body? My legs

What sort of panties do you like to wear? Lace panties

Do you have a boyfriend? I don’t really have the time for one

Do you have a girlfriend? No

Do you prefer boys or girls? Guys

Do you consider yourself to be a bisexual? I suppose so, yes.

Have you ever had a threesome? Not yet

What do you look for in a guy? I like well groomed guys.

What is your favorite position? I like to be on top!

What turns you on? I like when a guy lets me take control

Do you like anal sex? Sometimes. I don’t prefer it, but I don’t mind it either.

Do you like to give head? Yes I do

Do you masturbate much? A few times a week

Do you use toys? Of course

Do you have any sexual fantasies? I would love to have sex with someone watching, while they masturbate

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