Esmi Lee Biography

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Name: Esmi Lee

Where are you from? USA

How old are you? 19

What nationality are you? Half romanian half serian.

School, Work, Play, Hobbies

How far did you make it in school? Graduated high school last year. Not sure About college yet. My parents want me to go so I might.

Did you have any favorite subjects? Science was all fun.

What activities did you enjoy in school? I was in an after school archery class that was pretty fun..

Did you ever get in trouble in school? No not really. I got yelled at a couple times for talking to much but nothing serious.

Do you have any other jobs besides modeling? I have applied to a couple around town. Just waiting on a reply.

Do you play any sports? I loved Soccer.

What are your hobbies? I love working on old cars and shopping..

How do you relax or spend your free time? Catching up on my sleep and cuddling with my cat on my bed..

Did you ever have sex with a boss or coworker? No.

Dreams Ambitions Goals

What is your dream occupation? Astronaut.

What is one thing you feel you deserve? Honesty.

What was the best advice you ever received? Life ain’ t worth living if your not having fun..

Personality / Character

Did you have a nickname when you were younger? No.

A large social circle or a smaller group of close friends? Large circle.

What crowd did you hang out with in school: nerds. jocks, skaters, goths? Jocks mostly but I had a lot of friends..

What were some of the things you and your friends did for fun as a child? Card boarding down hills..

What was something you did that was really scary? Went hiking in the middle of the night when we snuck out. We lived near some woods and never even thought there might be bears or mountain lions.

What scares you? Spiders.

Do you have a favorite color? Aqua.

Do you watch much TV or are there any shows that you really like? NCIS

What was the last book that you read or what is your favorite book? Cat and The Mouse.

Do you have a favorite movie? Clueless.

Which celebrity do you think is hot? Eric Shavez, he plays for the Yankees now.

What type of music do you like? I love all music.

Are you a party girl? I LOVE to party!

What is your favorite drink? Long Island Ice Tea..

Do you have a favorite food? Thai.

Life Experiences

What has been the happiest moment of your life? Graduating high school and my parents bought me and my friend a trip to New York..

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? The Moon or Mars.


Do you kiss and tell? Yes. I am a talker.

What do you like best about your body? Smile..

What do you look for in a guy? Gentle and strong hearted.

What was your first time with a guy like? I bled for a week after! I was so sore. But it was fun and would do it all over again.

How did it happen? I think we were both just ready. We had been dating for 2 years and he was my first love.

Where do you meet most of your guys? When I work on my car at my dad’s shop. Guys seem to love that.

Do you feel that guys really understand you? Yes. I am very open.

How many girls have you been with? None yet.

What turns you on? Kissing.

What turns you off? Guys who fart all the time.

How many orgasms have you had from one sexual experience? 2

What is the easiest way to get you off? Oral

How many times a week do you masturbate now? Every day sometimes twice.

Do you use toys? Yes.

Where is the strangest place you have ever had sex? In the cab of a fire truck.

Describe a sexual fantasy that you haven’t had yet but wish to? To have sex on a space shuttle. Is that even possible?

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